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Pure natural rubber was used to create the Tikiri teething/ bath toys

Tikiri products are made entirely of natural rubber because we don't add any preservatives or other chemicals to the rubber compounds. This makes our products as toxic-free as possible, which is fantastic for the environment and the young children who play with them.

This means that we must carefully adhere to the care guidelines since otherwise, issues will arise.

Here are some suggestions for maintaining the best possible condition for your Tikiri Toys.

Keep an eye out for damage in baby toys.
As a natural product, this is the most crucial step to do.

Dry off any rubber baby toys.
Bath toys should be thoroughly dried after use.

Since this is a natural product, if it is kept damp and in a warm, humid environment like a bathroom, mould spots may eventually appear on the toys.

Avoid exposing rubber baby toys to sunlight.
We don't include a preservative, therefore if our toys are kept in direct sunlight they will fade and lose their gorgeous colours, much like children's toys are sensitive to UV damage.

The rubber can age more quickly in direct sunlight, which can cause it to become brittle and split.

Keep Rubber Baby Toys Away From Heat Once Again, toys, like kids, don't like to be close to a source of heat. If left there for a long enough period of time, they will burn, the rubber will discolour, and you will be left with brown marks and cracking. 

Usually, a quick wipe down with soapy water and a moist cloth is sufficient; we don't need to be washed or sterilised because doing so will harm rubber toys.

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Tikiri Penguin Gift Box



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