Zoom Amethyst Raw Crystal

Amethyst Raw Crystal


 Amethyst Raw Crystal

Amethyst is the Crystal for de-stress + sleep + healing.

  • Rough Amethyst 
  • Each Crystal varies in size and shape
  • Size approx 5 x 3 x 3cm


Amethyst  | sleep, de-stress, healing
Rose Quartz | love, friendship, harmony
Citrine | success, motivate, balance
Clear Quartz | clarity, focus, positivity
Blue Calcite | calming, creativity, relaxation
Orange Calcite | uplift, energise, inspire
Black Tourmaline | awareness + protection + luck
Mookaite | grounding + confidence + strength
Sodalite | intuition + balance + harmony

*Please note that each individual crystal will vary in colour, shape and size. Our image is just an example of product and size.

Brand: Opal + Sage

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